"Anika is a brilliant activist and organizer who got her start in social justice and civic engagement work as a young person, long before she could ever vote. Anika believes deep in her bones (as do I) that high schoolers are an untapped political force in this county, especially right now, when American democracy hangs precariously in the balance. I believe in her work, and was honored to be her professor when she was at the Kennedy School." - Professor Timothy Patrick McCarthy, Harvard University


Through my nonprofit, the Youth Activism Project, I work with teens and adults alike to create a world in which youth democratic participation is the norm, not the exception. I help youth build advocacy and organizing skills and help adults be better accomplices to youth-led social change efforts. 

My signature offering is Public Narrative, a transformative storytelling and leadership practice to mobilize others into action. 
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I've spoken at Harvard University, NYU, and the State Department, as well as been featured fellow with the International Youth Foundation.
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I write on topics related to youth empowerment, educational equity, and social/global justice.
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